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GMG Clinic is leader in aesthetic treatments and in particular in Body, Face and Hair Treatments and Aesthetic Surgery.
Avant-garde in beauty treatments
GMG Italia
GMG CLINC is a center of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery that more than any other offers quality and avant-garde services, driven by the dedication and passion that animate the professionals who are part of it. Our team of doctors and collaborators is ready to fulfill your every need, making use of innovative techniques and latest generation machinery, without neglecting any aspect of professional ethics. Those who turn to GMG CLINIC, become part of the staff, because only with a recognized and shared path between doctor and patient in its uniqueness, will be able to achieve their goal with maximum safety and satisfaction.
SculpSure - Trattamento grasso
SculpSure - Fat treatment
SculpSure is an innovative laser that allows the reduction of localized fat through non-invasive lipolysis. The reduction takes place without surgical intervention, without sedation and without altering one's social life.
RevLite - Rimozione tatuaggi
RevLite - Tattoo removal
Our laser tool allows the elimination of most of the tattoos without leaving scars, the destruction of the ink happens without generating heat and therefore without burning the skin.
Autotrapianto capelli Sapphire Micro FUE e DHI
Sapphire Micro FUE and DHI hair transplant
Hair loss can be inevitable, but today it can be remedied. The Sapphire Micro FUE and DHI autotransplant acts by re-infusing the thinning or hair-free areas, to restore a natural and healthy appearance of the hair.
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